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* Health at Hand is only available as an iOS and Android app. You are unable to access Health at Hand via the website.


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We offer a range of affordable options. Subscriptions start at as low as 8 AED per month per member for a family annual plan. Or choose to pay as you go for just 150 AED per video consultation.


No more waiting rooms. Hold a video consultation with a doctor from your home, office or when on the move, without having to travel to a clinic. Have your lab tests done at home and medication delivered to you.


Doctor consultations are always confidential and your private health data is in safe hands. We are fully HIPAA compliant, the most respected global standard for protecting sensitive patient data.


Trustworthy, experienced and reliable, we offer the highest quality of medical advice. All our doctors are put through a strict accreditation process prior to approval.


We provide full access to your video consultation history and doctor’s reports. You are able to create a personal health profile, securely saving your vital statistics in one place.


Our proprietary Telemedicine Technology allows our doctors to use the two most common skills in diagnosing medical conditions, looking and listening.

For Businesses

Providing healthcare cost reduction whilst at the same time boosting employee benefits, Health at Hand offers unrivalled solutions for employers

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What we treat

Our doctors are able to assist with a wide range of symptoms and are happy to advise on any of your medical complaints.


How it works

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and see a doctor via video consultation. Our app is designed to be very simple to install and use. By signing up, you will create a secure account that will hold all your health information. This will allow you to access high quality doctors online with no delays in the future.

Available on Android and iOS

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and see a doctor via video consultation.



Affordable and flexible


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Using Video Consultation

Health at Hand doctors are trained to assess the appropriateness for conducting video consultations on a case-by-case basis. They will ensure that each consultation meets the standards required for patient examination and evaluation: if they are unable to make a full, adequate assessment for diagnosis and treatment advice, based on high quality evidence, they will recommend the patient visits a doctor in a physical clinic. For more information on what to use Health at Hand for and when you should seek face-to-face medical advice, see What we treat


There will be times when your Health at Hand doctor will not be able to diagnose your condition using video consultation. See our Policies and Procedures for more information.

Patient Privacy Policy

We take every measure to protect your data: Health at Hand complies with privacy and confidentiality requirements stipulated by all applicable laws in each jurisdiction where Health at Hand has a trade license and physical presence. We document medical records as thoroughly as if a patient participated in an in-person visit and our medical record storage methods are compliant with the appropriate secure data storage standards. For more detail, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Opening Hours

Health at Hand opening hours are
Sunday to Friday 7am – 11pm GST and
Saturday 9am to 6pm GST.