Health at Hand Policies and Procedures

DHA Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities

You have the right to:


  1. Be treated to the highest professional and ethical standards by appropriately qualified, experienced and licensed healthcare professionals
  2. Be informed about the cost and payment options of the healthcare service provided by the health facility
  3. Be aware of the name and specialty of the treating physician / dentist responsible for your care
  4. Request that the treating physician / dentist and other healthcare professionals communicate in terminology and language you may reasonably expect to understand or through services of an interpreter
  5. Have your request courteously received and properly considered as quickly as circumstances permit
  6. Be informed adequately regarding diagnosis, treatment plan, prognosis of the treatment and follow up care
  7. Be informed of the reason for various tests and treatments
  8. Receive information regarding your treatment / procedure such as potential benefits, side effects, risks and alternatives that will enable you to participate in making informed decision
  9. Change your mind about any treatment / procedure for which you have given consent to, refuse treatment and to be informed of the medical consequences of this action
  10. Request a second opinion by another physician / dentist or to change the health facility or the treating physicians / dentist without compromising care within or outside the organization
  11. Be informed of the evidence status of any treatment / procedure conducted by health facility, all related potential benefits risks and therapeutic alternatives
  12. Receive immediate treatment in life threatening emergency situations
  13. Receive adequate assessment and management of pain
  14. Receive respectful and compassionate care to terminally ill and dying patients according to personal beliefs and as per DHA regulations
  15. Expect your personal privacy to be respected to the fullest extent consistent with the care prescribed to you and applicable to UAE laws
  16. Expect all communication and other records pertaining to your care to be kept confidential and protected from loss or misuse to the extend required by the UAE laws and local regulations
  17. Access your medical records and expect those records to be up to date and accurate
  18. Be treated in a safe environment
  19. To receive appropriate protection and services if you are a vulnerable child, adult or elderly person, including people of determination.
  20. Receive information on how to make a suggestion / complaint to the health facility
  21. Consent or refuse to participate in medical training programs or research projects
  22. To end your participation in such programs / projects at any time, for any reason without compromising the quality of medical services provided to you

It is your responsibility to:

  1. Abide by any rules and regulations of the health facility
  2. Present official personal identification and health insurance details whenever required
  3. Attend the appointment on time and notify the health facility when you are unable to do so for any reason
  4. Respect the priority given to emergency cases
  5. Provide accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, allergies and any other matters related to your health
  6. Notify the treating healthcare professionals if you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment or prognosis
  7. Cooperate with, and follow the treatment plan as outlined by the healthcare professional
  8. Bear the consequences if you decide not to follow instructions, treatment plan or recommendations by healthcare professionals
  9. Treat healthcare professionals, other patients and visitors in a respectful manner
  10. Accept financial obligations associated with your care
  11. Safeguard your belongings whilst receiving any healthcare treatment
  12. Observe safety rules including the no-smoking policy, maintaining the cleanliness of the place, hand hygiene