Quality before everything

Our doctors are all Family Medical Consultants or General Practitioners and are amongst the highest qualified in the country.

Our doctors are DHA licenced and have completed a comprehensive accreditation process including training in video consutlation.

Our doctors are supported and monitored by rigorous internal Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement standards.

Our goal to be the leading healthcare video consultation platform is made possible by the passion and dedication of our doctors.

Dr. Zaib Shaikh

Medical Director

About Doctor Zaib

Dr. Zaib Shaikh is a General Medicine Physician and a Telemedicine specialist at Health at Hand. He is a US trained physician who moved to the UAE in 2014 with his family.


With over 20 years of clinical practice and experience in the USA and UAE. Dr. Shaikh began his basic medical training in India and continued his post graduate training in the United States. He completed his General Surgery training in India before switching to Family Medicine in the US. He has a special interest in General Medicine and is fascinated by the body’s own integral ability to heal itself.


Having conducted and published multiple clinical studies in Internal Medicine journals, Dr. Shaikh is BLS, ACLS, and ATLS certified and licensed with the DHA and DHCC in Dubai. He is a registered member of the American College of Surgeons and the American Medical Association.


Dr. Zaib still manages to make some time to pursue his passion for basketball, exercise and travel.

Dr. Esther Dairo

General Practitioner

About Doctor Esther

Dr. Esther Dairo is a General Medicine Physician and a Telemedicine specialist at Health At Hand and is experienced in Internal Medicine, General Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology.


Dr. Esther Dairo graduated from one of the top medical schools in Nigeria in 2011 with an MBChB and moved to the United States of America to practice. With over 8 years’ experience practicing in both institutional hospitals and multi-specialty clinics in different areas of medicine -Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Obstetrics and Gynecology-, she has had a significant exposure to patients from diverse cultural backgrounds with diverse medical conditions.


She has a special interest in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, particularly chronic disease management and she is BLS and ACLS certified. She is also a member of the American College of Physicians and Society for General Internal Medicine.

Dr. Sami Arfaoui

General Practitioner

About Doctor Sami

Dr Sami Arfaoui was working at International SOS Dubai since 2010, Deputy Medial Director since 2016; he is a Specialist Emergency and Family Physician. He was trained and graduated from the University Rene Descartes in Paris in 1999.

Dr Sami Arfaoui worked in Paris and the surrounding areas a wide variety of specialties including family medicine, emergency medicine, prehospital emergency medicine, medical assistance and medical evacuation until end 2010 where he moved to Dubai.

Having practiced medicine for 20 years in the public sector in France and private sector in France and Dubai, Dr Sami Arfaoui has had gained a wide experience in different areas such as emergency medicine, family medicine, remote healthcare support, telemedicine, with a teaching experience for life support specialties.

Dr. Yousra Ali

General Practitioner

About Doctor Yousra

Dr. Yousra Ali is a member of the Royal Board of Dutch Physicians with full General Medical Council registration and practice in the United Kingdom. She is licensed in Dubai Health Authority and Department of Health Abu Dhabi. She is an experienced general medicine practitioner, with over 15 years of experience and special expertise in minor surgical procedures, intensive care, emergency medicine, social medicine, women and children’s health.


Dr. Yousra has practised in different countries in Europe and MENA region. Her priority is to listen to her patients and build a mutual trustworthy relationship with them. Her aim in her medical practice is the engagement of her patients in decisions concerning their health and management plan. Dr. Yousra speaks English, Dutch and Arabic, as well as knowledge of German and French. She enjoys meeting people from different cultural backgrounds.


Dr. Yousra has also experience in teaching medical students and delivers Continuous Medical Education sessions (CME). She has conducted and been part of a number of researches and evidence- based case reports (EBCR) at the departments of Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases and Social Medicine at the Academic Hospital of Utrecht, The Netherlands. She is an active member of multi-cultural organisations in Utrecht and The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dr Samina Zaman

Dr. Samina Zaman

Family Medicine Consultant

About Doctor Samina

Dr. Samina Zaman is Family Medicine Consultant and a Telemedicine specialist at Health at Hand. 


Dr. Samina studied Medicine (MBChB) at the University of Glasgow, UK. She then completed her general and Family Medicine training in West Yorkshire, UK where she continued to practice as a Family Medicine Consultant. Dr. Samina has 14 years of experience and has worked in different areas of medicine including, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and Family Medicine. 


She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (London) and holds her license to practice with both the General Medical Council (UK) and Dubai Health Authority.


Dr Samina can offer a range of acute, chronic and preventative medical care. She has a special interest in chronic disease and lifestyle management. Her aim is to provide the best evidence and patient-based care for her patients. 

Doctors’ Tips

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