Our vision is for every person to be able to access high-quality, affordable care at the time it is needed the most, using technology.

Charlie Barlow

CEO & Founder, Health at Hand


Our Story

There is nothing worse than feeling ill and being uncertain what to do. We all turn to google and delay seeing the doctor because we don’t have time to get an appointment and get to the clinic. At Health at Hand, we believe you shouldn’t have to turn to inexpert advice and you shouldn’t have to travel to see a doctor you can trust.


As a parent of young children, founder Charlie Barlow spent a lot of time in doctor’s clinics, each time for common, minor, non-emergency conditions from coughs and sore throats to rashes. As he sat in the germ-filled waiting room, Charlie was struck by the inefficiencies involved with visiting the doctor, from booking an appointment by phone, struggling in traffic, finding a parking space through to the time wasted waiting: inefficiencies we don’t accept in other areas of our lives.


On-demand technology is now in the fabric of everything we do: you can order a taxi, choose a pizza, book a holiday through an app; why not see a doctor? At Health at Hand we think the same on-demand expectations apply to healthcare.


We have developed Health at Hand to bring the highest standard of healthcare to everyone, wherever and whenever it is needed the most. Cost effective and fast, we remove doubts and worries and eradicate difficulties commonly experienced with visiting the doctor.

This is the future of healthcare and we believe that future is now.
Why wait?