Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some of our more frequently asked questions below to find out more about how to use our video consultation app, or visit our support page.

Do all subscription plans auto-renew?

Yes. We will automatically auto-renew your subscription at the end of your plan unless you cancel before 23.59 on the last day of your plan. We will charge your credit card as authorized when you bought your original subscription. Remember you are free to cancel your plan at anytime. For further information please contact our support team on

Can a Health at Hand doctor really properly conduct an examination and make a diagnosis only using video?

Yes, video consultations are normal face-to-face doctor evaluations, despite being remote. Our research shows looking and listening are the two most common skills used by doctors during diagnosis. During a video consultation, your doctor will ask you the same questions you are used to answering in the clinic. The doctor may use the camera to look closely, and you are able to upload photos to support diagnosis when you set up your call.  In addition, your doctor will ask you to use your hands if needed, for example, to gently press a tender area such as the glands in your throat.

Can the doctor give me a prescription?

Your doctor will list any over the counter medications you require in your Doctor’s Report in the My History tab in the app. You will receive clear instructions on dosage and you will be able to take this to any pharmacy to purchase the required over the counter medicine.  You can also ask the doctor to arrange delivery with 800 Pharmacy. Our doctor will send through the order for you. All you have to do is will confirm your location by SMS and pay on delivery.

We are currently working on offering our users e-prescriptions.

Does Health at Hand accept insurance direct billing or pay and claim?

Currently, Health at Hand does not have direct billing with any medical insurers. All payment is made using your credit card and we do not provide signed/ stamped insurance forms for pay and claim. However, we are working hard on signing partnerships with leading insurance providers and will be introducing this service shortly.

Can I choose my doctor?

It is not possible to specify which doctor you see. All doctors providing healthcare services via the Health at Hand platform are highly qualified to deal with your issues. All doctors go through a rigorous application process and receive training in conducting video consultations to a high standard.

What is My Wallet?

My Wallet is found in the My Account tab on the app. Every first-time user is given a bonus 30 AED wallet credit that can be used against a pay as you go consultation fee or a subscription plan. If you have referred a friend and they use the app or if you have been referred, you will receive 15 AED additional wallet credit. Wallet credit expires after 6 months from date of issue.

Can I use another user's account to see a doctor?

All users over the age of 18 years must have their own Health at Hand accounts. This allows your doctors to access the correct medical history and health profile, as well as issue the correct Doctor’s Report to the correct user. Your doctors are unable to treat anyone using another user’s account.

If you do make a call from another user’s account, your doctor will ask you to end the call and use the Share with Friends button found in Get Free Credits in the My Account tab, which gives both you and your friend 15 AED wallet credit.

How long will I have to wait for a consultation?

The majority of calls are answered within 5 minutes. When you enter our virtual waiting room, you will be given an indication of how long the waiting time is. You may be connected with a doctor within 2 minutes. Depending on the level of demand at any time, waiting times can increase.

Health at Hand operates a queuing process: after confirming payment you enter the queue in the virtual waiting room. We encourage patients not to leave the waiting room in order to keep their position in the queue. Once a doctor has accepted your file for review before your consultation, the wait will be less than 2 minutes.

What happens if I call and the doctor cannot treat me? Will I still be charged?

All advice given by our doctors is adding value to you as a patient. We give you a qualified view on the urgency and nature of a medical issue and any action required. If one of our doctors immediately recommends further assessment, emergency or otherwise, that holds the same consultation charge as any other treatment advice. For further information on this, please contact our Patient Support team

What do I do if my video freezes mid-call?

Video freezes could be due to other activity on your phone. The following activities will cause your video to freeze, but the audio will remain live.

  • receiving a text message
  • receiving a phone call (we recommend you end the incoming phone call and do not answer it if you are mid-way through a Health at Hand video consultation)
  • receiving a notification
  •  moving outside of the app for example, to read mail, messages, browser, or other apps

If you accept a phone call, the video consultation will remain running but the audio and video will both be frozen until you return to the app.

What devices and operating systems are supported by Health at Hand?

We currently support iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices.

For iOS devices, Health at Hand requires a minimum of iOS 9.1 or more recent.

For Android devices, Health at Hand requires a minimum of Android 4.1 or more recent.