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See a doctor now, wherever you are


What is Health at Hand?

Health at Hand is a doctor video consultation app, connecting patients with highly qualified doctors within minutes. Health at Hand has been developed to bring the highest standard of healthcare to everyone, wherever and whenever it is needed the most.

See a doctor at a time that works for you,
not at a time you have to work with

We are all too busy to get sick. It’s never easy having to rearrange your schedule to fit in an appointment with a doctor, missing key commitments, juggling other family members, battling through bad traffic and parking, all just to sit in a waiting room. Health at Hand is here for you when you need us.

Choose the best plan that suits you and your family

A new way of seeing the doctor

Video consultation allows our doctors to use the two most important skills in diagnosing medical conditions: looking and listening. After gathering information on the patient’s symptoms and history, our doctors make an assessment, providing treatment advice and, if necessary, medication recommendations.

9 out of 10 visits to doctor’s clinics can be conducted via video consultation.



Our doctors are amongst the highest qualified in the UAE. All are western-trained family medical consultants, able to give you the advice you need, when you need it. Simply login, select your symptoms from a list, and see a doctor face to face within minutes.

  • Get the care you need within minutes
  • No need to travel
  • No waiting times
  • Guarantee of high-quality care
  • No spread of germs in the waiting room