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The fastest & easiest way to see a doctor

“Remember how doctors used to make house calls? No? we don’t either. But our mums do. It really did happen. Today, we’re bringing it back—well, almost. Health at Hand allows you to consult with your own personal doctor right from the comfort of your home, your car, your office, the airport before you fly, your in law’s bathroom (hey, it’s possible!). Wherever you are, Health is at hand. Literally. It’s in your hand.


This is the new school of health and medical advice. Changing the game and giving you access to reliable healthcare without the price tag. Get the care you need, when you need it. After all, who wants to drag themselves into the doctor’s office when they already feel miserable with a cold or flu anyway? And who wants to book appointments, sit in traffic, find parking when you’d rather be in bed, wait in waiting rooms full of other miserable, germ fuelled sick people?


During a HAH consultation, your doctor can just as easily enquire about symptoms, discuss treatment and determine whether a prescription is necessary. Step one done without needing to step, well, anywhere.

Welcome to the new school. This is well care instead of sick care. This is convenience. This is what car sharing and e-commerce is to your health. This is Health at Hand.”