Become a Superhero and give blood

Today (June 14) is World Blood Donor Day. People often squirm at the thought of giving blood but when donated, it can save lives. Used every day to care for patients such as birthing mothers, anaemic children and cancer sufferers, it can also treat medical conditions such as blood disorders and is essential in the case of trauma, or an emergency.

Blood moves around our bodies carrying crucial nutrients and oxygen to our cells and then in turn removing waste. It is a magical cocktail that contains lots of different components, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. It is bright red when oxygenated and dark red when deoxygenated and this fluid is the foundation of a healthy body.

Most healthy people between the ages of 17 to 65 are able to donate and one pint of blood can be separated to help several different patients. Before giving blood you will be given a mini health screening to ascertain that you are safely able to contribute.

The lives and health of millions of people are affected by emergencies every year. In the last decade, disasters have caused more than 1 million deaths, with more than 250 million people being affected by emergencies every year… Blood transfusion is an essential component of emergency health care. What can you do? Give blood. Give now. Give often.

The World Health Organisation on World Blood Donor Day 2017

If approved, the whole process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. 10 minutes of drawing the blood and 20 minutes to rest and recoup with a drink and a snack. It is worth noting that anyone who has eaten beef in the UK between 1980 and 1996 will not be able to donate in the UAE.

Should you like to give blood please visit the Blood Donor UAE website

Or if you’re unable to donate in the UAE, be sure to contact your local health authority on your next journey home and see how you can help.