New year, New Me!

HIt’s that time of year again. We know what we want, we’ve thought about it, we’ve read about it, we’ve talked about it – but have we actually done anything about it?

I know you are thinking this is just another one of those motivational blogs that just repeats generic motivation and advice. You would be right but we also have some hacks and tricks up our sleeves that might be worth the less than 5 minutes of your time you invest in reading this blog.

Let’s start first with our version of generic motivation.

Don’t dream big!

Might come as shock to you and maybe goes against what your favorite Disney characters inspired you to do. If you have a big target to achieve, once you’ve identified it, break it down to small steps and don’t think about it anymore, rather, obsess with achieving the next step.

In other words be micro-ambitious. Take baby steps, slow steady baby steps and before you know it you’ve already achieved your target.

Don’t seek happiness!

Be happy, don’t seek it.

Be happy with the small things. Don’t seek happiness through others’ validations. Listen to your favorite music even if it’s anime or cheesy games soundtracks and enjoy it. Wear your favorite outfits as long as you are not offending anyone or crossing any cultural norms. Take walks. Look people in the face and smile to them. Be generous, be courteous, thank public servants such as waiters, taxi drivers, valet workers and security guys. Discover Dubai, Dubai is a great city, discover the city and look for hidden gems. Stay in touch with friends and family. Be grateful for your life and express it. Be compassionate and humble and know that your success is not entirely your own making and your failure is not someone else’s fault.

Take care of your body, you will need it.

Eat healthy, smaller frequent portions of colorful fruits and vegetables. Make meat and chicken the side dish and always drink water, a lot of water.

Do yoga, run, pump iron or dance in your bedroom. Do whatever it takes to keep your body healthy and always be on the move.

Food is the most abused anxiety drug while exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant.

Be healthy, be happy.

Be friends with your doctor

Many of us dread visiting the doctor or building a relationship with them. Men, especially, put doctors’ visits on the back burner (men make 130 million fewer visits than women to the doctor each year).

If you are starting a new diet or exercise program consult your doctor on the do’s and don’ts. Your doctor will also measure your vitals and perform some basic tests and follow up on vaccines, supplements or even medications that you might need. Your doctor is not just there for when you are sick. Every one of us should visit the doctor, especially the family doctor, at least once a year whether we are sick or not.

And finally, don’t believe everything you read on the internet

Unless it is a piece like this written by a licensed physician.

Here are some hacks that have been tried and approved by our physicians:

Hack 1: Sleep in your clothes.

Planning to run in the morning? Sleep in your running kit. Running or workout kits are comfy and once you wake up all you have to do is splash your face with some water and have that energy boosting dose of caffeine so you’re all set. You are going to sweat anyways, so shower after you’re done with your run or workout.

Hack 2: Take selfies.

If tracking your progress with selfies and posting them on social media motivates you, do it! Just make sure you stay grounded and track real progress. Follow real athletes, not social media models and be inspired by them!

Hack 3: Buy stuff.

To achieve good results, you need good tools. Invest in good workout kits and shoes.  Invest in good headphones or earphones and, most importantly, make sure you look good in them!

Hack 4: Consume caffeine.

Caffeine is a great booster of energy, that’s no secret but the trick is to take it at the right time and in the right amount. Caffeine hits its peak stimulatory effects between 30 and 75 minutes from consumption. If you plan to workout drink coffee one hour before your workout. Also, we recommend not consuming caffeine more than twice a day and no later than 2 pm.

Hack 5: More is less.

Frequent small meals are best for staying healthy. Make your snacks as natural and as colorful as possible with fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil. Consume meat or chicken once a day and avoid fried foods as possible. Check out our blog for the post on healthy cooking of meat.

Hack 6: Mind your business.

Practice mindfulness and mediation. Mindfulness is the psychological process of focusing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present rather than obsessing about past events or panicking about future ones. Check out the difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to practice them in our blog.

Hack 7: Use HAH!

Just kidding. Seriously though, we are here for you!

Happy new year. Stay Healthy. Feel better today!


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Dr Rami Said

General Practitioner

Telehealth Specialist