5 Small Lifestyle Changes With Big Health Benefits

Make 5 simple lifestyle changes that will lead you to see big long term benefits

Dear friends,

Happy New year, it’s 2020!

I know it’s kind of late (I’m slow like that) but I remember new year’s eve like it was yesterday, well, because it was just like any other evening to me. I went to the gym after work, ordered my healthy wraps and went to bed happy with sore muscles all over.

The only difference that evening was that I gave some thought about the new year to come and I’ve come to a few conclusions and thought I’d document them as a reminder to myself and share them with you all, well, cause I can.

I think the problem with many of us is that we know what we want, we’ve given it thought, we’ve read about it, we’ve talked about it but have we actually done anything about it?

I know you must be thinking this is just another one of those self-righteous motivational posts that just repeats generic motivation and advice.

Well, you would be right!

But, I also have some practical hacks up my sleeves that might be worth the less than 5 minutes of your time you invest in reading this post.

Let’s start first with my version of generic advice…

One: Don’t dream big!

Might come as a shock to some of you and maybe goes against what your favorite Disney characters inspired you to do. But, if you have a big target to achieve, once you’ve identified it, break it down to small realistic targets and don’t think about the bigger picture anymore. Rather, obsess with achieving the next step.

In other words, be micro-ambitious!

Take baby steps, slow steady baby steps, and before you know it you’ve already achieved your target.


Two: Don’t seek happiness!

Be happy, don’t seek it!

Be happy with the small things in life, they are the best.

Listen to your favorite music even if it’s anime, cheesy movie or video games soundtracks and enjoy it. Ryu’s soundtrack from Street Fighter always motivates me at the gym! Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUn549UmSlw

Wear your favorite outfits as long as you are not offending anyone or crossing any cultural norms. I grew up in the 90s and still wear cargo shorts and baggy pants, with pride!

Look people in the face and smile at them!

Be generous, be courteous and thank public servants such as waiters, taxi drivers, valet workers and security guys, it could be the best part of their day!

Go for walks and discover your city or town and look for hidden gems where you live. Hidden gems are everywhere.

Stay in touch with family and friends till they blend into one!

Work hard and take pride in what you do. Be compassionate and humble and know that your success is not entirely your own making and your failures are not someone else’s fault.

Be grateful for your life and express it!


Three: Take care of your body, you will need it.

Food is the most abused anxiety drug while exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant!

Eat healthier, smaller frequent portions of colorful fruits and vegetables. Make meat and chicken the side dish and always drink water. A lot of water!

Do yoga, run, pump iron or dance in your bedroom but do not allow yourself to slip into the vicious cycle of Netflixing and chilling (and I mean that literally 😏). Do whatever it takes to keep your body on the move.

So, run Forest, run!


Four: Be friends with your doctor.

Many of us dread visiting the doctor or building a relationship with them. Men, especially, put doctors’ visits on the back burner (men make 130 million fewer visits than women to the doctor each year).

If you are starting a new diet or exercise program consult your doctor on the do’s and don’ts. Your doctor will measure your vitals, perform some basic tests and follow up on vaccines, supplements or even medications that you might need.

Your doctor is not just there for when you are sick. Every one of us should visit the doctor, especially the family doctor, at least once a year whether we are sick or not.


Five: Speak up.

Use your family, family and your doctor to talk about issues on your mind. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and it always recommended to seek professional help for either.

Dr Rami Said

General Practitioner

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