Healthy Tips During The Holiday Season

The month of December comes with holidays, eating and many unhealthy habits. Amidst all of this, we tend to let go of our health. Health at Hand understands these problems and is here to give you tips to be healthy during the holidays.

While the month of December is a time to let our hair down and have some fun, we all need to take some measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to get you going:


Eat smart and mindfully

The season comes with choices when it comes to food and many of which can be unhealthy but quite tempting. While it is a season to indulge, some caution and smartness should keep one on the verge of healthy. So, include more healthy options and go easy on appetizers, meats and desserts. Also, eat slowly and take your time to enjoy every mouthful, it is easier not to overeat when you are mindful and load up on fruits and vegetables, literally as they leave little room for calorie dense foods.


Choose water

It is important to stay well hydrated during this period and instead of sugary or alcoholic beverages, choose water. You can opt for sparkling water spiked with some lemons and fresh mint leaves for a refreshing taste or for some healthy juices.


Plan active activities

During the festive season, it can definitely be challenging to stick with the same old routine workouts. So, a good way to get some exercise is to plan activities with friends and family. You can challenge your friends to a race, a dance or some fun workout routine to get your heart rate up.


Take some time for yourself

The holiday season comes with a lot of stress that can easily take a toll of the health, so, pace yourself and set some time for some rest and relaxation. In addition, be grateful and find inner peace.


Protect yourself from food poisoning

The holidays bring an increased risk of food poisoning. This is because food and snacks are set out in the open for all to enjoy which could be easily a breeding ground for bacteria, (especially when food is kept outside at room temperature). In order to prevent this, leave food out in smaller quantities – this will keep the food at its optimal temperatures. Store up any leftovers in shallow containers and refrigerate immediately, and reheat leftovers properly before consumption. Finally, wash your hands frequently.


Keep infections at bay

Being around family and friends comes with lot of hugs and kisses which is an easy way to spread infections like colds, flu and stomach infection. A good way to avoid this is to wash your hands regularly. Moreover, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth, and always have a hand sanitizer with you. Also, keep a distance from sick people to avoid being infected and if you do feel sick, stay in and speak to one of our doctors on the Health at Hand or LiveDoc app.

Dr Esther tells us how to be healthy during the holidays

Dr Esther Dairo

General Practitioner

To enjoy the holiday season, you need to be healthy. So, prioritize your health and if you are facing any trouble, you can ask your Health at Hand doctor for advice through our app that is available on the App Store.

Happy Holidays from Health at Hand!